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Granulate dust filtration and separation of angel hair

Many plastic granulates already contain dust and fibres (angel hair) upon delivery. These contaminants primarily occur through abrasion of products during pneumatic conveying of the granulate. Too high a level of contaminants can cause a number of problems in further processing. In particular accumulated clumps of angel hair have a detrimental effect on the quality of the end product and can lead to a bottleneck of products and production coming to a standstill.

Dust filtration and separation of angel hair have been integrated into AZO's vacuum conveying system and do not call for an additional step in production. There is no need to meter feeding of products.

With the increased volume of air, granulate dust is filtered out in special receivers, into which screening plates have been integrated as cascades. Any dust found in the clean air is filtered out in the following secondary filter. A primary filter is also installed in front of the secondary filter to separate fibres and angel hair.

Exhibitor: AZO GmbH + Co. KG

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