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About us

Expert solutions for quality control and assurance. Innovative, customer-specific and modular. OCS Optical Control Systems GmbH has been developing innovative and efficient customer-specific solutions for quality control and assurance for more than 30 years now. The product portfolio extends from raw materials inspection and surface testing to the production of pioneering quality measurement systems and turnkey laboratory solutions. Target group-specific OCS product and modular solutions cover the wide-ranging individual requirements of companies from various sectors and segments of business and industry.

  • Testing & Measuring Systems for Raw Materials like Pellets, Films or Flakes
  • Optical & X-Ray Inspection
  • Detection, Classification & Sorting of Polymers
  • Online Quality Control for Polymers
  • Web Inspection Systems for films, non-wovens or laminates


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OCS Sales Team
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Products & Services

Pure Satisfaction – OCS Measuring and Testing Systems for Your Raw Materials

The polymer industry strives for 100% material purity. Contamination in raw materials such as pellets is a major problem – especially in the manufacture of high-voltage cables or for medical applications. As a result, not only the physical properties of pellets, powders and flakes, but also the entire extrusion process must be checked. The rheological behaviour, molecular structure and chemical composition of the material are also revealing quality indicators.

OCS offers testing and measuring systems for raw materials that meet all individual requirements. Applied in the laboratory, in R&D or in the ongoing production process, they take quality management to a new level. When used as an online system to optimise process control, OCS solutions shorten reaction and product change times. They also offer excellent quality control and reliability as offline laboratory systems.

Film Sample Preparation & Analysing - The OCS Cast Film Line

The OCS Laboratory Extrusion Lines test and measure the polymer properties in extruded film. The integration of optical, chemical, physical and rheological measuring devices enables quality checks in real time during ongoing polymer production or in the laboratory. The optional remote control function allows significant reductions in personnel deployment, as all systems worldwide can be controlled and monitored from a single location.
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The OCS Cast Film Line with Film Surface Anlayser (FSA100V2) to inspect

Pellet & Powder Analysis

The OCS Pellet and Powder Scanners are used as laboratory systems for quality control and safety. They can alternatively be used as online systems to monitor polymer quality during production and improve process control. All testing systems are equipped with high-resolution cameras and special lighting functionality to ensure the best possible product quality.
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OCS Pellet Scanner PS800C

Chemical, Physical & Rheological Anlysis

The OCS devices and systems for rheological, physical and chemical analysis test the composition of the external and physical conditions of the polymer or the petrochemical material and the exposure therein – for example, through the spectroscopic measurement of the melt flow index (MFI), the filter pressure value (FPV), crack resistance and the additive and density composition of the material.
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OCS Pelletiser System

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