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Coperion K-Tron Deutschland GmbH

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About us

Coperion K-Tron is a global leader in providing process automation, equipment, systems and solutions for bulk material handling. Coperion K-Tron makes the feeders and pneumatic conveying components, supervisory controls and digital scales that go into its material handling systems. Coperion K-Tron holds more than100 patents for feeding, weighing, mechanical components and control technologies and their application to bulk solids handling in the Plastics, Chemical, Food Pharmaceutical, Detergent and Nonwoven industries. All scales, mechanical systems and controls are designed specifically for the unique demands of the process industries. Coperion K-Tron pneumatic conveying systems are able to move high volumes of bulk materials from rail car storage, to process. And Coperion K-Tron vacuum conveying systems are fully integrated for refill of Coperion K-Tron feeders.

Single and twin screw feeders

Compact screw feeders are ideal for low feed rates

Highly accurate SFT loan cells are at the heart of Coperion K-Tron loss-in-weight feeders

Smart Weigh Belt Feeders offer gentle handling of bulk solids

K4G Blending Stations allow multiple feeders to be grouped around a process inlet

K2-ML-D5-QC: A high-accuracy gravimetric screw feeder with two interchangeable QC-modules

Vibratory feeders are ideal for gentle handling of bulk solids

K-SFM-350: closed and with the access panel open


Coperion K-Tron Deutschland GmbH
Heinrich-Krumm-Str. 6
67073 Offenbach

Phone:  +49 69 8300-8990
Coperion Ideal Pvt. Ltd.
Ideal House, A-35, Sector 64
201307 Noida

Phone:  +91 120 4299333

Contact person:

HarjotSingh Monga
Sales Manager
Phone: +91 120 4299333305

Products & Services

Process Equipment:
Feeding Systems
Rotary & Diverter Valves
Discharge Valves & Samplers
Bulk Solids Heat Exchanger Bulk-X-Change
Filters & Seperators
Blower Packages
Hoppers & Bins
Vacuum Sequencing Receivers
Vacuum Loaders
Dense Phase Conveying Equipment

Worldwide Service

Coperion K-Tron Twin Screw Feeders - Reliable feeding of most bulk materials

Twin screw feeders can be used for free flowing powders and fine granulates but they are ideal for feeding difficult materials such as pigments, sticky bridging or flooding powders, fiber and fiberglass. The twin screw feeders of Coperion K-Tron are available in a wide range of sizes to meet your feed rate requirements and solve your material handling problems, like quick material changes. They can even be configured to differing material proporties.
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Twin Screws in a twin Screw feeder

Coperion K-Tron Single Screw Feeder - Reliable feeding of free flowing bulk material

Single screw feeders are ideal for feeding flowing bulk materials such as pellets and powders. Coperion K-Tron makes both single screw and twin screw volumetric (most common and economical) and gravimetric feeders in a wide range of sizes to meet your feed rate requirements and solve your materials handling problems. Some are optimized for quick material changes and can even be configured for differing in material properties.
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Single screw feeders

Coperion K-Tron Vacuum Sequencing Receivers

Finding the right solution for your application is easy with our broad range of receivers.
Coperion K-Tron vacuum sequencing receivers are designed to high quality standards for pneumatically conveying powders, pellets and granular materials for the for the bulk materials handling industries.
The Series 2400 receivers are designed for a wide range of pneumatic conveying needs. The line offers vacuum receivers for conveying materials in the plastics, chemical, mineral and food industries.
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Vacuum sequencing systems for bulk material handling solutions

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